Transhumanism Technology: What Is in Store for Humanity in The Next 50 Years?

Transhumanism Technology: What Is in Store for Humanity in The Next 50 Years?

Transhumanism Technology: What Is in Store for Humanity in The Next 50 Years?

We all endeavor to be better. Better than we are today. It’s a human thing. And the reason why we want to become more than we are today is that it is integral to improve or be left behind. Most if not all of us are focused on improvement and are not letting complacency set in.

We are quite dependent on progress particularly if this progress assures us greater advantages and opportunities in life.

Take this for example; a few centuries ago, we were uncivilized, but through time we evolved and today? Today we live in a modern world full of things that back then, was just science fiction.

Well, we are not there yet, because I as most people believe that the future has a lot in store for the human folk. But still, some issues need to be resolved, and that’s why we continue to work towards improvement.

Even the greatest athletes, engineers, doctors, etc. as good as they are, strove to be better and kept working on that desire to ensure that they get to where they are now.
So where is all this headed? Well, I only have one thing in mind today; to discuss Transhumanist technology. When did it all begin? And how? What is Transhumanism all about? Read on.

History of Transhumanism

Transhumanism goes back many years. It is a concept that although some of you may be hearing its name for the first time, it has been in thought and practice for many decades now.
The idea of Transhumanism draws its roots from British scientists.

Firstly, it was J.B.S Haldane, a British geneticist who advanced this ideology through an article he published. In the article, Haldane cited the possible benefits that humans can derive from the use of advanced science to enhance the biology of humans. He although insisted that while this would be a tremendous and beneficial move, not many people will receive it with enthusiasm as some will regard it as barbaric and immoral.

Nonetheless, Haldane’s writing inspired several other scientists, and some like J.D Bernal wrote an article on the same citing the prospects of technology in enhancing the human body and intelligence.

Take note that the above persons did not use the term “Transhumanism” or “Transhumanist” in their discussions and writings. They just played a role in advancing the concept.

It was Julian Huxley, a British biologist who initially instituted the term in the year 1957. Due to this, Julian is in most instances regarded as the founder of Transhumanism, and well, his contribution in the matter is quite significant.

He assured of a possibility for mankind to better themselves in entirety through technology and advanced science. According to him, humans live in misery, but if they wish to, they could use what they have to surmount this misery.

To a large extent, we can say that Julian’s and other scientists’ ideas have come to play. We are seeing proof of this today. Genetics, eugenics, and robotics are being used together with nano-technology to enhance the human biology.

We are all witness to fertility treatments incomprehensible a couple of decades back. We’ve seen people who have benefited from prosthetic body parts, cosmetic surgeries, and body implants. I mean it’s here already, and it’s bound to improve steadily onwards.

What exactly is Transhumanism Definition ?

For starters, Transhumanism is a philosophical movement that aims at advancing or rather modifying the human body beyond what nature has put in place.

It is an idealism that presents the likelihood of having a ‘superhuman’ race- supreme human beings with superior intelligence, strength, and abilities. It is an idea that explains the possibility of mankind to ethically utilize technology and science as tools to amplify human potential.

The idea of creating a superhuman race has many questions challenging its plausibility. Many people think it is blasphemous or pervasive if I may say, just as J.B.S Haldane had predicted. Some although think it is a good idea that should be worked on and brought to reality.

What do you think? Is Transhumanism a good idea or a threat to humanity? Do you surmise that it will bring good tidings to the human race? Or will mankind be bowing to Transhumans in the next 20 to 50 years? Well, I don’t know, we just have to wait and see. That is if we are lucky enough to be witnesses.

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