A look At the Negative Effects of Technology on Society and Humans

A look At the Negative Effects of Technology on Society and Humans

A look At the Negative Effects of Technology on Society and Humans

Devices like computers, mobile phones, and tablets run the world today. The explosion of technology in the market has many people never imagining their lives without these gadgets today.

Take me for example, the first thing I do when I wake up is to check my emails and reply to messages if there are any. I am the typical example of a person whose life largely depends on technology.

But then, technology is broad, and mostly, when we talk about it we relate it to the internet. Inarguably, technology has brought about positive transformations in our society. Nonetheless, we have to note and acknowledge the fact that every good thing has an opposite and equal side. Technology in this case, in spite of all its positive influences on society also has a negative side.

Unfortunately, humanity is so captivated by technology so much so that we have shunned our old ways of life. Of course with all the efficiency we get to enjoy regarding communication, production and economic growth, it is quite evident that technology is quite beneficial to the society at large. Nonetheless, we cannot ignore the adverse effects of technology that humans continue to experience.

Let’s take for example the most visible impact of technology from the beginning; the loss of jobs.

When technology came into being, many people lost their jobs, and they continue to do so. This is because employers realized they could achieve more work efficiency and returns when they use computers. As such, most of them have done away with several of their manual workers and replaced them with computers.

When you add this to the sudden economic recess, it gets clearer on how much of an impact the advent of technology has had on most people around the world.

Loss of jobs and economic downturn aside. How else does technology impact humans?

It has conditioned us to be intolerant of inefficiencies, inconveniences, and limitations. This has, in turn, made us want things done faster and instantly.

Think about it; if you had a message that you need to pass to your colleague in the next room, would you walk over to their office or would you rather email them the message? You know what you would choose. In my case, I’d rather send a quick email.

Why? It is faster, easier and more convenient, especially on a busy and boring Monday morning. Also, I would choose to email because as humans, we have become more reliant on interacting through a technological forum rather than a face-to-face interaction.

Well, I am not against technology, but it has some serious effects on humans even in our relationships. Couples today have taken this technology thing to a whole new level. A couple gets into a heated argument, one of them storms out to the living room in the middle of the night.

The other one stays in bed not sleeping but thinking what to do next. One partner texts the other, ‘I am sorry, please come back to bed.  The recipient does not reply. A second text is sent, he finally replies, and they go back and forth righting and wronging each other.

Is this the right way to communicate and resolve issues when both parties are in the same house? Of course not. But these are just some of the impacts technology has had on the lives of humans.

Here is another scenario, friends go out for lunch. They sit down at a restaurant and get drinks. In about 10 minutes of settling down, they all get their smartphones out and start chatting or going through their social media. No interaction is taking place.

The point here is that technology has brought about social isolation, a lack of etiquette in social interactions, cocooning as well as a lack of touch in our communication and relationships. Thanks to this so-called computer era, we have become lax in working on our communication skills and building stronger relationships.

In all this, it is worth noting that technology has both a beneficial and detrimental effect on humans. If we are to enjoy its full benefits, then we need to create some balance so that all of us benefit from it and not just a selected few.

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