WAVE network

“WAVE” is shorthand for the idea that a wave of technological and social change is engulfing humanity, and this wave must be used for good. Sometimes WAVE is referred to in terms of an ideology, as “Wavism”, which most broadly refers only to the impetus to cooperate and change things for the better, and to ride the coming wave of change as well as possible. More specifically, “Wavism” can sometimes be used as a synonym for Social Futurism or Techno-Progressivism. That idea can be viewed as a common factor implicitly uniting a range of disparate groups and movements in a much broader historical current.

WAVE is:

  • A coming wave of radical global change, both positive and negative. Things are changing faster than ever before, with convergent technologies and interlocking risks, and we must harness that change for good.
  • A global social movement trying to do exactly that. This movement is not a single organisation but an idea – that times are changing and we owe it to humanity to seize the moment. This movement has no single name, leader, or membership.

WAVE affiliation is informal and non-hierarchical, simply denoting inclusion in a loose network of overlapping and information-sharing organisations. At its most formal, WAVE offers a common set of principles for common use, but whether any organisation or person adheres to the principles is their own choice. Some of the organisations from the broader network of groups and movements (who share ideals, goals, and/or members while not being in any way formally affiliated) are listed below:

  • Institute for Social Futurism
  • The Institute for Social Futurism (ISF) works toward propagation and development of the Social Futurist idea, which is defined as a worldview which combines social justice concerns with the radical transformative potential of modern technology.

  • Social Future Metanet
  • The Social Future Metanet is dedicated to become a platform for people and organisations who want to take part in the great project to shape our collective future, so the world becomes more social and positive in general.

  • Zero State
  • The Zero State (ZS) community works toward the establishment of a VDP (Virtual/Distributed/Parallel) State or “Polystate” committed to Social Futurism and the WAVE Principles. ZS is affiliated with the Institute for Social Futurism (ISF) via the WAVE network.

  • Singularity Accord
  • Singularity Accord is a private organisation dedicated to understanding and preparing for the possibility of Technological Singularity.

  • The Zeitgeist Movement
  • The Zeitgeist Movement is a sustainability advocacy organization, which conducts community based activism and awareness actions through a network of global/regional chapters, project teams, annual events, media and charity work.

  • The Mont Order
  • The Mont Order is a term used to refer to the tradition by which activists and philosophers have historically compared the social and spiritual journey of mankind with the journey to the summit of a mountain.

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