What is The Future of Science and Technology?

What is The Future of Science and Technology?

What is The Future of Science and Technology?

In fifty years’ time, the world in respect to science and technology won’t resemble what it is today. Why do I say this? Simple, take a gander at where it was fifty years prior, or only ten years back. Many people are asking this question; what is the future of science and technology? What are experts projecting? Should we expect massive change? Will advancements in these fields live up to our demands and expectations?

Here is a fact; the world sure has changed, and it continues to evolve rapidly. 20 years ago HIV was viewed as a fatal diagnosis. But today, there are over 50 medicines that assure victims of a long healthy life. In the same light, a preventive drug has also been developed that helps to reduce the risk of infection for individuals who are at high risk of infection.

Look at how far we’ve come technologically. Virtual reality was only fiction a few years back, but now it is a thing. Merging science and technology, we see lots of improvements. Chemotherapy for cancer treatments, prosthetic devices as a medical alternative for replacing injured or missing body parts and many more.

I mean, the change is just fascinating. And if this is what we are dealing with now, what will the next two decades bring? You can make sense of it all by thinking a little bit deeper and watching the trends in science and technology. Also, you can think of what sorts of things the health-care and information technology industries among others around the globe will need.

The thing is, everyone is trying to predict what the future holds and they are all coming up with valid conclusions. Regardless, the greater part of these individuals are missing one point; which is to take science and technology entirely and break them down to anticipate what’s to come. The past and present play an enormous role when predicting the future.

What is The Latest Technological Inventions?

Technological devices for example like mobile phones were considered as a luxury and only for the rich. These were not a necessity back then. But today, cell phones have become a necessity in our everyday lives.

Although the types and makes are changing and becoming more advanced, we are also adapting to this change by getting devices that best suit our needs. Today even school going children have a mobile phone-according to their parents, it is essential for them to have one.

What I am trying to say is that some things that we now view and regard as fiction or unusual will not be considered so in days to come. In future, cancer, HIV, and other fatal diseases won’t be such a menace in the years to come. Prosthetic devices will be more advanced than they are now.  Cosmetic surgeries will be more defined in years to come. Things will be different that’s for sure.

Science and technology will be more streamlined in the future. Genetics, eugenics, nanotechnology and the likes will be common courses in colleges and universities. We will use technology better to help improve our lives medically, socially, physically and even mentally.

You should note at this point that as science and technology continue to evolve, the world will also change with it, just has it has been doing.

Summarily, with everything that’s changed, we can be sure that more is yet to come and it’s not far from here. Everything we have today as earlier mentioned was all science fiction five decades ago. What we should do now is be optimistic in the future. In another five decades from now, things will be very different. Science and technology will have made unbelievable strides.

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