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We often take pride in our progress boasting our achievements keeping tabs on where we are and where we are headed trying to make our lives’ easy. It is only natural to meet and set goals, but our moral compass and intentions aren’t always what the same and humans don’t benefit equally from Technology. Here at Transhumanist Global, we engage new trends looking at its benefits and effects.

Many life’s changes due to technology but the effects are not often direct take, for example, the Mobile Phone, 90% of humans above the age of 18 own a mobile device. It drives the human activities everyday planning and communicating with other people; It’s a multimillion industry with diverse sections all working to provide communications services. Let’s look at its effects of this technology. Electronic waste has been a menace for several years. A professional company can only do the disposal of batteries and phone parts. Hundreds of lives’ has been lost due to the use of mobile devices while driving, walking while using ear plugs. Some may say that this is individual neglect. Tapping has been a debate for several years world superpowers use cellular devices to listen in to conversations. In some cases, it has been said that Mobile spying has stopped preplanned crime and terrorist acts. However, the privacy of individuals has caused an outcry that is still ongoing to date.

Manufacturing of vehicles is another thriving industry. Owning a vehicle isn’t only for the rich and vehicle population has increased over the years. Manufacturing standards are in place to govern the quality of vehicles manufactured. Gaseous emissions however is still an issue, and the environment is reacting to this through global warming. It is however impossible to think of a world without vehicles.

As you can see the debate is always heated and a stable source of information is required. You can still trust that we at Transhumanist Global will provide you solid information.

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